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Copy Clearance Service

CG Professional


Minute Read

25 May 2022

Copy Clearance Service

CG Professional


Minute Read

25 May 2022

Here at CG, we have experience in assisting clients in a range of sectors to ensure that their marketing and advertising strategies are compliant with the applicable legislation and regulations, whilst retaining their commerciality and creativeness.

We can work with you (and your marketing teams) to ensure that your advertising campaigns accurately and truthfully represents your goods and services within the confines of the regulatory and legislative landscape.

Rather than rejecting a marketing campaign outright, we help our clients to understand the potential risks whilst working together to find an alternative that can achieve the same impact. We can help and work with your business to develop its marketing strategies in a variety of ways, including:

Compliance Advice

  • Reviewing copies for any media channel prior to distribution to advise on its compliance with the UK advertising codes and legislation.

  • Advice on compliance with Comparative Advertising regulations.

  • Advising on sale promotions, including reviewing and advising on the compliance and mechanisms of Prize Draws and Competitions (including the relevant terms and conditions).

  • Advising on price promotions, offers, vouchers and sales promotion mechanics.

Contract Protections & Brand Protections

  • Helping to avoid reputational damage by advising on misleading advertising and substantiation of claims.

  • Drafting, reviewing and advising on sponsorship agreements, influencer agreements, brand-affiliation agreements, endorsement agreements and other advertising-related agreements.

  • Reviewing and advising on marketing agency agreements (including ensuring that appropriate protections are in place for the ownership of IP).

  • Advising on IP licencing arrangements and helping to put in place appropriate arrangements to protect against the risks of infringing third-party IP / potential claims of brand-reputational damage.

  • Advising on and assisting with the registration of trade marks in the UK.

We can also provide training workshops to our clients’ legal, sales and marketing teams to empower them by better understanding the applicable framework and key messages.

By signing-up to our Copy Clearance Service, you will benefit from our assistance in:

  • achieving creative advertising that reaches your customers in an effective way and has a positive impact on your business, with the peace-of-mind that you are doing so within the constraints of the current regulations and legislation;

  • ensuring that your brand reputation is not damaged and remains intact by avoiding claims being brought against you and subsequent fines;

  • avoiding claims from competitors and infringing their brand rights and IP; and

  • upholding the public’s trust in your brand.

Our team have previous experience in:

  • Providing a copy clearance service for a FTSE 100 company, including advising on various advertising materials, marketing campaigns and promotional competitions.

  • Advising a multinational fast-food corporation on marketing materials, including promotional offers and specific app-based promotions.

  • Advising a global leading consumer goods manufacturer and retailer on its print and online advertising channels.

  • Advising a leading provider of store-card products on compliance with key legislation using a dedicated portal and pre-agreed SLAs.

  • Advising a multination Retail and Consumer company on prize promotions and competitions, including advice on correcting a competition once it has ‘gone-live’.

  • Drafting and assisting on creating a template Influencer Agreement for use by a client in the marketing industry.

  • Advising a lifestyle business on the worldwide licensing of its brand and associated IP arrangements.

Pricing for our Copy Clearance Service can be offered on a fixed or retainer basis, depending on the nature of assistance you need.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact one of the members of our Commercial Team.

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