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Government-Industry Pilot Scheme: A Promising Path for Hospitality Leadership

James Robb


Minute Read

13 Sept 2023

In a bid to boost workforce participation in the sector and help fill more than 120,000 vacancies across the UK, the Government has recently announced a pioneering pilot scheme in collaboration with the hospitality industry.

Government Pilot Scheme: Hospitality Leadership

The initiative, endorsed by some of the country’s leading hospitality brands, aims to shape the next generation of hospitality professionals by providing jobseekers with tailored fast-track training and work experience opportunities.

Launched in Liverpool this week, the Hospitality Sector-based Work Academy Programme (SWAP) combines a unique programme of learning launched by the Department for Work

and Pensions (DWP) in collaboration with UKHospitality and is set to be rolled out across other major UK cities in the coming months.

Programme learners will earn accreditations towards an industry-recognised “Hospitality Skills Passport” and will be guaranteed interviews with employers upon completion, opening diverse career pathways for a wide range of individuals from diverse backgrounds and encouraging jobseekers to consider careers in hospitality.

The scheme will undoubtedly be welcome news for large hospitality chains with mammoth ongoing recruitment undertakings, but it also offers a rare and exciting opportunity for small businesses to tap into fresh talent without draining already stretched resources on training inexperienced jobseekers.

The Government's collaboration with the hospitality industry to create the next generation of hospitality leaders is a commendable initiative. With careful planning and ongoing commitment, this pilot scheme could indeed be a catalyst for positive change in the hospitality industry.

Click here to read the government’s press release.

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