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Oxley Group- Enhancing Efficiency and Mitigating Risk with CG’s Contract Support

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29 Sept 2023

Oxley Group, an 80-year-old advanced manufacturer of high specification LED lighting and electronics for the aerospace and defence market, faced challenges in navigating complex and highly regulated contracts with defence customers.

If not approached with care, long term commercial contracts with fixed pricing, currency fluctuations, and obsolescence clauses could adversely affect the business.

Consequently, Oxley Group needed a reliable and knowledgeable partner to support them with complex legal matters.

In a highly regulated industry where terms and conditions in contracts can run into pages and pages, it was vital that Oxley had a reliable, knowledgeable and trusted partner – so they turned to CG to help them understand the risk profiles in their various contracts and provide a key check and balance within their governance model.

CG’s expertise in contract support has proved invaluable, and the company was able to approach their complex contracts with greater confidence and mitigate potential risks efficiently.

Group CFO, Paul Sheldon, said:

“In this sector working closely with our customers and to tight deadlines is crucial to success, CG’s flexible approach to accommodating our workload made it easier for us to achieve this. Their quality of work and customer relationship is second to none. Working with CG gives us confidence that we fully understand the risks when entering into an agreement with customers.”

Paul added:

“CG has also provided additional training in understanding and managing contractual risk, which proved extremely valuable and has helped increase the teams overall contractual acumen – a real benefit for us.”

“I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending CG for those seeking a knowledgeable, flexible, and reliable partner for legal matters. They have proved to be a valuable partner in mitigating contracting risks and increasing our customer response time.”

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